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Below are some statistics of the last 30000 simulations that have been run on this website.

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Number of simulations done 30000
Number of total runs 25957083
Average number of runs per simulations 865
Number of simulations end with a win 16589
Number of simulations end with a lose 13411
Total amount won $15,879,270.84
Total amount lost -$78,158,716.53
Average inital betting amount $39.55
Average initial bankroll $51,172.64
Average amount won / lost per simulation -$2,075.98

Below are the percentage of winnings from each strategy (i.e. total number of simulations end with a win out of total number of simulations).

Betting strategy Percentage of winning
Target Profit Set No Target Profit Set Overall
Reverse Labouchere45.56%9.28%36.87%
Reverse Martingale44.39%7.02%28.7%

From the table above, it is clear that if you set a target profit, you will be more likely to win compared to when you don't set a target profit. In other words, when you use the betting strategy, it's wise to set a target profit (realistically) and stop betting once you have achieved your target winning. If you continue to bet without setting a target where you will stop betting, you will be more likely to lose money.

This simulator is continually being improved. More betting strategies and games will be added. If you like to see your games or strategies being added, you can send your suggestion to [email protected] or post your comments below.

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